Light Painting with an Arduino and RGB LED light strip

Light painting is an easy and fun activity to do with friends and any camera that has shutter speed control.  After playing around with this a few times, I wanted to take it to the next level, and stumbled upon someone’s very informational post.  It became my goal to make this happen, as cheaply and simply as possible of course.  Being in possession of an Arduino Uno, I just had to acquire a few more components and write up some easy code (with the help of some libraries) to be able to make a picture like this:

Megaman light painting

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DIY Steadicam Merlin using a welder and about $50 of materials

I had a DSLR with HD video capability and a friend Andrew with a welder in his garage who was willing to teach (I’d never welded before). We decided making a steadicam would be a good project.  While doing research, I found this Merlin-style steadicam build tutorial. We tried to make a cleaner version of this already great build while trying to keep it cheap (materials and costs are listed at the bottom).

Finished steadicam

Here are some shots I took while practicing with the steadicam:

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